Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Feeling proud

Very proud to have this today. Showed off a great bulge at work. Im home now and can't keep my hands off it! God my cock is so long and thick. I love how heavy it feels in my hands...a thick warm pulsing cock. I can bend over and put it in my mouth even. I think "Really, how many guys can just do that?" and Im so proud.

I want to scream it in public "I have a huge cock!". Even now, i look at it and am so aroused by it. Sooo big.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Too Big

My friend asked me the other day to show her my dick. she'd said her friend told her she heard I was large and she really was dying to know. I can be quite shy sometimes, but I took it out and let her look. I was about half hard but still got the appreciative whistle. "Whew, that is one huge penis you have there!"

I swear, there is nothing sexier than seeing someone stare in awe at your penis. I get so proud. I love it when I'm bigger than they expect, or bigger than they've seen. I love the things they say. "God, ive never seen a dick that huge", "no way you are sticking that in me...its huge!", "Fuck ----, that penis is massive."

Man, I get so hot hearing that.

Found this online tonight:
"Men always think that to own a big cock is one of life's greatest boons. They think you have only to shake it at a woman and she's yours. Well, if anybody had a big cock it was Bill Woodruff. It was a veritable horse cock. I remember the first time I saw it -- I could scarcely believe my eyes. Ida would have been his slave, if all that stuff about big cocks be true. It impressed all right all right, but the wrong way. She was scared stiff. It froze her up. And the more he pushed and plugged, the smaller she grew...It's tough to be crazy about a woman and then find that nature has played you a mean trick. " - Henry Miller "Sexus"

That shit is true I tell ya...its no fun when a girl freezes up. The ones you want are the ones that didnt originally plan on having sex with you, but once they see my cock, they start asking. "oh god, can i touch it." Yes baby, yes you can.

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Saturday Pleasures

Ahh...the pleasures of a nice slow Saturday with little to do. Rode my bike this morning, then sat out on the deck cooling off naked. After having my dick cooped up in those bike shorts, i loved letting it hang down between my legs. The feeling of my dick and balls pulling down on my groin was so nice. The heavy weight is a constant reminder of the fact that I'm different. I can sit there and be so proud that I have such a large penis even soft...its wonderful! And it is also quite beautiful. Perfectly formed, even thickness all along it, arrow-straight..I'm told it's the most beautiful penis some have seen.

How thrilling to write those words. It's not normal for me to feel comfortable being proud of my penis. I know it's very large, and I know most men wish they were big like me, but im rather shy about it. Being able to say "I really love my big dick. I'm so happy I have one! Thank God I'm not small!" is a scary thrill. Just writing the above has caused me to shake. But then again, the purpose of this blog is for me to just get out what I want to say about it without fear of being thought of as egotistical, obsessive, etc etc.

But unquestionably, my cock is alot bigger than most guys both in length and thickness. So why shouldn't I revel in that fact! Even now it stretches down over my balls and along the chair...soft, fat, and resting. It amazes me. It's huge!

Friday, August 27, 2004

Size Queens

A fellow has posted a website chronicling the comments made by models and other famous people regarding penis size. Fascinating to see the public words used by many people regarding this.

It seems that women are, generally, overly nice to men about what is acceptable in size. Many would say it doesnt matter. In my experience, most women admit to me it does. Now, does that mean I spend my time around women who are pickier? Or does it mean that they feel free to tell me the truth since they know I'm large? Of course, I should add that some women do not like big dicks...I have been turned down a few times myself for being too big.


Over the years, I have had many blogs. It's nice to be able to talk about our personal lives in a public way, but one thing I never get to talk about openly in a blog is my penis. It's big. Not "monster" big, but very large. this is something I'm quite proud of, but being able to openly discuss the matter in public is either frowned upon, or soemthing I'm not too sure I want my mother or coworkers reading. So, the purpose of this blog is to not only talk about my penis in regards to it's size, but other big penises and lovers of such.

So feel free to come here and be honest. Do you have one? Are you a fan? Ever had an interesting experience with one?